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About Roberto Decurnex

Roberto Decurnex is a passionate Engineer who spends his days coding for life and his nights coding for joy. He still dreams with a place where his joy became profitable enough to make it a 24/7 thing (and you may have the key to that place).

Roberto defines himself as a Ruby Fan-Boy and Open Source enthusiastic. Sharing both passions with other human beings is one of the things he enjoys the most. He usually shares his stuff (and rants) via twitter, github, irc (robertt_dex) and his blog.

It's remarkable how he wanders around the world strictly following the rules of The Game, finding connections even where others find nothing. Over the time he has found that the constant practice of this discipline keeps the brain's System 2 active letting him solve and improve even algorithmic problems while doing routine tasks (such as dish washing or a 10 minutes bus trip).

Professionally speaking, Roberto has been producing hi-quality software products as a Full Stack Developer for more than 10 years now. He has mastered his skills with Ruby and Rack based frameworks (yes, Ruby on Rails fits in this category) but he also possess pretty sharp knowledge of Python, Bash, C, Javascript and PHP.

This 10+ years journey has taken him over a lot of different biz models, like e-commerce sites, finance advisors, insurance policies, social networks, travel agencies and ticket markets, over different platforms, including web, wap, sms, android, iphone and even symbian.

Here is a list of some of the people who inspire Roberto: